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Drinking water stations

As usual, there is neither clean drinking water nor a power supply in the poorest regions of West Africa. The only drinking water supply is provided by hand at excavated pits, which are filled during the rainy season (about 3 months a year), but which are immediately contaminated with dangerous pathogens due to the damp heat.


Street children in Conakry

Flayed, chased away, helpless, on their own. The aim of our project is to bring these neglected children out of their misery once a week with music, instrument making and dancing and to give them a few hours of joy.


Training programmes

The Internet opens up undreamt-of possibilities, especially for the poorest part of the population, to participate in modern life and to fight unemployment. Often, however, the necessary infrastructure such as functioning and correctly equipped computers, an adequate power supply and efficient training in the most basic functions of these media is lacking.